Fred Perry An Post look for owners of 2

An Post look for owners of 2

“This mail could not be delivered due to incomplete or incorrect addresses,” a representative explained. “The postal services in these countries, on seeing an Irish postal stamp, then return it to us and we send it t Fred Perry o our returned letters branch.”
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Approximately 100 to 200 per week is found in letters which cannot be delivered but th Fred Perry is figure rises significantly over the Christmas period.

All undeliverable mail is opened under a strict security protocol in an attempt to identify the sender.

And the money is lodged into a special bank account.

In addition to cash, the office processes other items that have not been delivered.

They have found everything from hand knitted baby clothes to Christmas puddings in the undelivered post.

However, perishable items such as food or drink will be destroyed. Other items such as clothes, DVD and toys are held for three months before being handed over to charity shops.