Fred Perry Ann Rickard loves her containe

Ann Rickard loves her containers

People all over the country would perform a manoeuvre called the burp on the Tupperware Fred Perry lettuce lid before putting it in the fridge after use.The burp involved putting the lid on and pressing a bubble thing on the top to burp out the last bit of air thus sealing the lettuce in an airtight situation so it could remain green and lively for eternity.You may still have your Tupperware lettuce crisper, mine left home long ago. It think it went off in a huff with the Tupperware cake holder after I’d left them both languishing in a bottom cupboard drawer for a couple of years.Oh, the Tupperware cake holder.Was there a household in Australia without one of those cumbersome lovelies?Out it came every time we were invited to someone’s house. It didn’t matter if it was a lunch or dinner invitation, a cake had to be taken (this was in those innocent days before we discovered wine and took Eskies instead), and it had to make its journey in the Tupperware cake container complete with its big half circle removable plastic handle.I admit to being snobbish about these shops, sailing snootily past them with my nose in the air, so my first ever foray into our local cheapie was a furtive affair.I didn’t want anyone to see me enter in case they thought I was on skid row.I didn’t don a wig and sunglasses, but I did keep my head down and stealthily scurrie Fred Perry d around aisles full of plastic flowers, plastic toys, plastic buckets, and plastic beads.Then I got to the containers. What an extensive range: round, flat, tall, short, oblong, square. Something inside me went all covetous and I gathered up dozens of each size, every variation.”Nothing will ever go stale in my house again,” I said to the check out person as I staggered to the counter.She rang everything up, put it all in the biggest plastic bag I’ve ever seen, and said: “that will be $9.50 please.””What? You mean $9.50 for one?”Marie on track for trip of a lifetime on Ghan Ipswich keeps a caring eye on the world Quiet crowd gives city protest for kidnap girls USQ Springfield students find rewards of hard work Monster pumpkins weigh in for Ekka pre show awards Closure of Redbank railway workshops “a national disgrace”Willowbank child abduction: Man and woman to face court Fraser Coast farmer proof women can do anything Labouring under Coalition rule Recognised for 50 years service to ESA Bring back the cane, urges sugar refiner Town resident emu hit by a ca Fred Perry r Sunshine Coast Newspaper Company Pty Ltd 2014.APN APN Group WebsitesNeed Help? Refer to our helpful FAQ section for any problems you might be experiencing.Noosa N Fred Perry ews Noosa News National News World News Sport Entertainment Movie News TV News Lifestyle Travel Business Real Estate Horoscopes Noosa WeatherWhat’s on TV Guide Now/Next Movies Movie Reviews Things to doNoosa Classifieds Jobs in Noosa Cars for Sale in Noosa Property listings in Noosa Bargains for Sale in Noosa Obituaries in Noosa Personals in Noosa Notices in Noosa