Fred Perry Anna Dello Russo shuns cheap s

Anna Dello Russo shuns cheap shoes

“I think that’s how we differ from the British, who like to wear things in. I’ve always had thousands of pairs and now I have even more because I Fred Perry collect them. I can wear cheap clothes, but I’ll never wear cheap shoes.”

Dello Russo, who has previously described herself as a “passionate fashionista”, continued to reveal she first discovered designer Fred Perry brands before she reached her teens. While her friends were wearing clothes from high street stores, she had her sights set much higher.

“A friend of mine was more into jeans and looking cool. I said, ‘I don’t want to be cool, I want to be a queen. I want to be Fred Perry too much. I want people to say ‘Wow! where are you going?'” she recalled.

“For my 12th birthday, I asked my father for a Fendi bag. He was a very stylish man and said ‘it’s Fred Perry not just about the bag, it’s about the set’.

“So I went into school with a matching Fendi purse, bag and umbrella, despite the fact that we lived in the southern city of Bari where it never rains!