Fred Perry Anna Kristina bags Oprah netwo

Anna Kristina Shirts Oprah network

Everyone knows Oprah Winfrey loves BFFs.

It safe to say that friendship helped Vancouver Anna Wallner and Kristina Matisic nail a sweet spot on Oprah OWN (network) launch last month. The network signed on their TV series, Anna and Kristina Grocery Bag, for two years.

In the show, they test cookbooks and kitchen products, and sometimes lose decorum in gut splitting laughter, the stuff of well aged friendships. On the other hand, friendship is a shortcut to irritation and impatience and they don hold back on that, either, as they try to cook a multi course meal for a chef who judge their work.

The two met as journalists at Fred Perry Global TV in the mid 1990s and left their plum jobs about 10 years ago to be their own bosses. (They created the precursor to Anna and Kristina Grocery Bag called The Shopping Bags.) So sure, they mad made for camera good looks but spirited sass and a very real relationship are what make the show work.

OWN approached them, they say. been watching the show and were interested in acquiring it, say Fred Perry s Wallner. we finally came to an agreement, we were thrilled and excited to be part of it. After confirming the deal, the pair high fived, hugged and went back to make up and the kitchen to shoot another episode. as well as on W Network in Canada.

was obviously a significant deal for us, says Wallner. part of the launch brings with it publicity and cache. Regarding the financials, Wallner says, can say we are in 35 countries around the world and the OWN deal was certainly a good one. It in the klutzy Julia Child moments and their chutzpah in taking on challenging menus and serving the results to the saaviest of chefs, local and international. Sometimes, chefs are impressed, sometimes, they speechless in trying not to dis their cooking.

dropped a chicken last night, says Wallner, channelling Child and agreeing that their kitchen is a no pro zone.

Wallner Type A personality meets Matisic Type C and it makes for good chemistry. They nice but not too too.

Says Matisic: say Anna definitely a big picture person, more business minded than I. When she commits to something, she wants to do it the best possible way, not the easy road I might like. She going to do it right. And on a personal note, she very loyal. she made up her mind, she made up her mind. She also very funny and the most trustworthy person I know on the planet. try to relax and make do with what we have. I used to stop cooking, run all over town for exactly the right type of carrot. I much more adaptable now.

And Kristina? little more effort can makes things look a lot better, taste a lot better and the finishing touches. Now I see how they do pay off. Like the parsley on top. Anna known for that. When Matisic began the show, her fridge contained a jar of pickles and her cupboard, a can of soup. Wallner thought she was a good cook. has been incredibly humbling. I was operating in a very, very, very narrow zone, she says.

They tackled recipes from Thomas Keller and Alain Ducasse (chart toppers in the culinary world) but their bete noir is pastry. hate making pastry dough, says Matisic.

gotta say, pastry eludes us, says Wallner.

So far, so has Oprah. They once were invited on her show but they were bumped by another guest. still hoping to meet her, they say.

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