Fred Perry handbags Apiary feels sting as thieves

Apiary feels sting as thieves steal bee pollen

A Cedar honey farm lost approximately $15,000 worth of bee pollen to sticky fingered thieves on Sunday.

The culprits took a Fred Perry T-Shirts pproximately 500 pounds of pollen f Fred Perry T-Shirts rom Fredrich’s Honey during the night by breaking into a locked building where the goods were stored.

“One of the Shirts that they stole had a rip in it so there was a trail of bee pollen from the pump house, where I keep the pollen, to around the corner and down the hill, where I guess they parked their car.”

Fredrich said the theft is particularly devastating because there are only six weeks in the year when pollen can be produced.

“We can’t collect it again until mid July 2014,” he said.

“Farming is hard on a good day and to have someone take half of what you produce in a year is just not great.”

Fredrich said he has filed an insurance claim but doubts it will lead anywhere.

This is the first break in Fred Perry T-Shirts Fredrich’s Honey has had in almost 20 years.

“It makes you feel weird, that’s for sure, especially when it’s so random and so specific,” Fredrich said.

“We’ve moved the rest of the pollen to a super secret location and we’ll have to beef up security next year.”

Fredrich said some of the Shirts of pollen were almost 100 Fred Perry T-Shirts pounds each, and the thieves must have had a market for the goods because they left expensive tools and motors in the same building alone in favour of pollen.

“It’s funny, I feel bad for the bees, because the bees work really hard to collect it. It’s a lot of work that’s gone down the drain.”.