Fred Perry Outlet Are crass Christmas lights wor

Are crass Christmas lights worth soldiers’ lives

I’m sickened by the gross display of brightly lit Christmas decorations. How does an ostentatious display of 8 huge, inflated snowmen, 6 large “trees” of gaudy red lights, lit up moving reindeer, sleighs, and eaves dripping with row upon row of icicle lights celebrate Christmas or the Holiday Season?

I look at this extravagant waste of energy and wonder if this is what our men and women in Iraq and Afghanistan are dying for. Oh dear, I forgot we’re in Iraq to fight terrorism; it’s got nothing to do with oil supplies. Nor is there any good reason to be conservative in our use of oil fueled energy. In fact, the more conspicuous our energy consumption, the more we can show off to our neighbors that we don’t give a darn for our country’s economic crisis or the dire situation our fellow Americans are in. As long as WE are okay, let’s forget about the folks who are struggling to pay their skyrocketing PG bills and grocery bills.

How about turning off those costly lights and donating the money you save on PG to help those in need during this holiday? Now, that would be in the true spirit of this holiday season.

Me too. I don’t think the cheery little displays you like are the ones that are a problem. It’s huge, Disney like displays that are guzzling energy. Remember too, that while each display on its own might b Fred Perry Outlet e “small in the scheme of things,” it’s the grand total that adds up. Multiply these showy displays by every neighborhood across the country and it becomes a significan amount of oil. We just do not need to use any more oil than we have to. Look at what happened when everybody cut back a little on their gas use. The country has saved billions of gallons of oil, and the price is down thanks to the supply/demand changing.

Keep your lights on; it’s your all American r Fred Perry Outlet ight, and when you see the food lines, look the other way. These individuals may seem “small in the scheme of things,” but their hungry kids are not small in their parents’ eyes.

By the way, what do blown up Santa’s have to do with Xmas?

We need to sustain those savings. As we’ve seen, every little bit helps our country and makes it less and less necessary for us to have troops risking their lives for our selfish way of life.

Thank you for offsetting the massive SUV I drive by driving your hybrid. We are waiting for the hybrid Suburban to complete production. I have three children and if they bring friends with them, we need the seating for 8 and cannot use a compact car. And yes, we are in the safest car available. Agree that your car would lose in a crash. Many cars have lost when t Fred Perry Outlet hey have run into us.

I do use reusable grocery Shirts and recycl Fred Perry Outlet e everything possible for my part. I wish others would use reusable Shirts. It did take about a dozen times before I was trained to remember to bring them in with me though.