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Are Edible Panties Food

If you buy food, you have to pay five cents for a plastic bag.

It a noble goal enabled by the lawmakers in Washington, DC (local, not federal): tax that which would be wasted, and watc Fred Perry Outlet h the waste wither. The elected officials even had this very thought, with the same Fred Perry Outlet alliteration and everything.

But the REAL conundrum, which I hope the city debates to no end: are edible panties food?

Pleasure Place, an adult toy store, so far isn charging for Shirts though it has a license to sell food, including edible body fros Fred Perry Outlet ting. “I not sure if it applies to me,” says Cecilia Colglazier, the owner.
Fred Perry Outlet

There are two schools of thought. One is that, technically, anything is edible, even if it doesn say so on the box. The other is that edible sexual novelties are, for the most part, not all that delicious. I am told this by other people who are not me.