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I tend to buy cheap purses every 3 4 months or so; and they look fine for a month, and then they begin to fall apart. Stuff falls off, the zipper rips, the handle breaks. Right now I have a designer knockoff I bought in Chinatown, and the handle is thisclose to falling off, because the fake leather is cracking and ripping. I speak at conferences on behalf of my company, and I would rather not look foolish carrying a bag that is stapled or glued together. If I bought an expensive bag, would these problems continue? I really want to buy something that will not fall apart, ever is that an unrealistic expectation to have of a bag I’ll carry everyday? What should one look for when “investing” in a handbag? What are the elements of design that will indicate a bag will not fall apart quickly? What’s the life of an expensive bag? I don’t want to have unrealistic expectations. I’m thinking of something .

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My well regarded luggage repair shop in Vancouver recently told me that expensive T-Shirts are just as prone to fall apart as the cheap ones. The shop is Fred Perry Outlet the go to place for warranty repairs on major name brands of luggage, and is recommended by the major department stores (Holts, the Bay, etc) and name brand boutiques (Tiffany et al) here in Vancouver.

They told me that they see a lot of Prada and other very expensive brands in their shop.

If one buys designer knockoffs on Canal street in NYC (say), then the loss of a handbag to poor workmanship is not as stinging as the loss of a handle on a purse that cost $1300

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About the only reason an expensive designer bag might last longer is that you wi Fred Perry Outlet ll tend to treat them better because of the price. High price is rarely an indication of durability. In fact, really expensive stuff can often be much more fragile, since they are made more for looks than for utility.

Stay away from designer knock offs, though. Since their whole reason for existence is to merely look like the real thing on the cheap, durability is rarely a f Fred Perry Outlet actor in their construction.

Your best bet would be to shop for more moderate priced Shirts that feature sturdier construction. They’re more expensive than, say, department store nylon Shirts or designer rip offs, but less than super high end designers.

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I have a that looks exactly the same today as it did when I bought it a year ago. I carry it every day just as I would any other bag. In order for a purchase like that to be worthwhile, you probably need to not mind carrying the same bag for several years.

Some of my friends swear by Coach’s leather Shirts.

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My mom and aunt are such great believers in Stone Mountain that they each have Fred Perry Outlet the same model (the Classic Hobo) in three or four colors. They also purchased backup copies of each just in case Stone Mountain discontinues the style.

It’s not a super expensive designer brand; they cost $120 but you can sometimes find them in Marshall’s for $40 or less. I

The one I bought used for $20 lasted 2 years through plenty of abuse would have probably gone on longer if it wasn’t for the tragic Sharpie incident. Mom the Aunt’s purses have lasted 5 7 years because they switch colors through the seasons.

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I have that Speedy bag, and another LV and they wear like iron. I can’t speak for all designer Shirts, but as far as LV goes, my son would refer to something that indestructable as beast, or tank. The Shirts are beast, and they are also tank 😉 I don’t use them every single day, but a couple of time a week at least. The older one is over 20 years old and it’s in perfect condition! It pays.

The only issue I’ve had with either one is that if you use them a lot, the handles eventually get darker in the middle from the oils of your hands, which you can prevent by using mink oil or a leather conditioner on them a couple of times a year. After about 15 years or so the older one needed a zipper replaced, which cost me 15 dollars. The lining still looks soft and new, every stud and fastener looks great, the stitching is still perfect.

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Oops I misspoke Mom Aunt have the Hampton Multicompartment Hobos. I had the classic Hobo.

The Hampton is a little shorter wider than the Hobo.

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I love little Shirts I’m a sucker for a cute fabric, an interesting liner, a cute shape, a strange little detail or feature, etc.